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1.10 Introduction

The Cyberathlete Amateur League Counter-Strike league has been modeled after the highly popular leagues of the 20th century: the NBA, NFL, and NHL. Both the rules and conduct have been inspired by these professional sports, as online gaming soon will be considered one of them.

The Cyberathlete Amateur League Counter-Strike league is comprised of four quarterly (12-week) seasons per year. Team schedules will consist of 8 regular season weeks, qualifying teams will advance to the playoffs. After the completion of each season, the league will restart. Seasons will contain 3 conferences with divisions in each conference based on US time zones; Pacific (PST), Central (CST) and Atlantic (EST). Teams will get to pick which conference best suits their members.

1.20 Definitions

GAME - One map consisting of two halves where each team plays once as Counter-Terrorist and Terrorist.
HALF - One 15 round map session (2 halves equal a game)
ROUND - One 1 3/4-minute cycle on a map (a server setting)
POINT - A numeric score given in the league's standings. 2 points are awarded to the winning team. If the game resolves to a tie, each team is awarded 1 point (for the regular season only)
Designated Server - Any server owned by Cyberathlete Amateur League or designated/approved servers
HOME Team - listed in the right column on the schedule page. HOME Team must be the attacking team the first half.
CAPTAIN – The players listed as captain on the roster or any player who is officially acting as team captain in the absence of their team captain. Teams are required to notify the opposing team during the screenshot round who their captain will be for the duration of the match.

2.00 Player Rules

Players and teams are responsible for ensuring that all of their members know, understand, and follow all rules. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse for a violation.

2.10 Screenshots

All players must take one screenshot showing both a CT and a T skin. Screenshots will be used to verify models/skins and drawviewmodel settings. Team leaders must take a status screenshot of the console to verify player steamID's in case of a dispute. This is done by opening up your console, typing status, and taking a screenshot. Players should keep their screenshots for a minimum of four weeks.

2.20 Player Models & Skins

All team members must use default models, any player using enhanced/colored models/skins/sounds will result in a forfeit loss for their team as well as the probability of further disciplinary action. This includes hostage/grenade, weapon, and bomb skins as well. Specifically, cl_bob 0.01 and cl_bobcycle 0.8 are required as default.

Weapon models must be used. The in-game variable r_drawviewmodel must be set to 1 (on). Any player caught without gun models may be suspended or have other penalties imposed. Teams caught with players violating these rules may have penalties imposed; up to and including forfeits, suspension, or removal from the league.

2.30 SteamID

All individuals competing must have their member profile completely filled out accurately. This includes filling out the SteamID section. If any player is caught competing with a SteamID not listed in their profile in advance, they will be suspended for one match and the team issued a forfeit loss. You are allowed only 1 SteamID, posting a second ID in the comments field is unacceptable and not allowed. Teams or individuals playing at LAN centers need to have the LAN center email the league head admin with the following information: LAN Center name, Location, Public IP Address range, and ALL SteamIDs for their center. These will be used to compile a list of Validated LAN centers and will not need to be filed again. In the case of LAN center, you should list LC# in your SteamID box for it to legal. SteamIDs must be checked prior to the match commencing. Once a match has started, no dispute may be raised concerning SteamIDs, with the exception of players that join mid-match. Please be aware that a ringing dispute concerning individuals using SteamIDs that are not their own does not apply to this clause.

2.40 Messaging

Only team leaders are allowed to use public in-game messages (messagemode1, or mm1) within a game. This rule also applies when dead. Use of MM1 by any member but the leader may result in an individuals suspension unless purely accidental. Under extreme cases team forfeit, suspension or removal from the league may occur at the discretion of CAL. Non team leaders must only use team messages (messagemode2, or mm2,) while in the game. This rule’s purpose is to avoid abuse of other teams via in game messages not to try and get a match overturned because it occurred at all.

2.50 Demos

Participants are required to record first-person demos of all league matches. You must have a separate demo for each half of play, so if you are playing in 1 server the whole match stop your demo at the end of the half and then record another demo for the second half of play. If a formal complaint or dispute is made; admins have four weeks to ask for demos. League administrators will review demos. If a player fails to upload their demo, a match win may be nullified and result in a replay or forfeit as well as suspension or expulsion of players. If a player fails to record a demo, a HLTV demo is NOT accepted as a substitute. Penalties may include probation, suspension or removal from the league for repeat offenses. Penalties for not recording demos will result in a 2 week suspension.

While demos are required to be presented to admins in the case of formal disputes, many teams engage in the sharing of their demos in order to enhance trust between teams and to avoid formal disputes. While this is encouraged to increase trust between teams, we will not force any teams to share demos with one another. If a formal dispute is filed, we will request demos from both teams and will view them ourselves, rather than giving them to another team.

2.60 Sportsmanship

All participants in CAL will be required to uphold to the highest standards and observe common sportsmanship.

Anyone who has been caught cheating in scrims using the CAL configuration, or matches may be suspended from any CAL event. Please be advised as to what evidence is permissible by CAL. CAL supervisors will review cases and players may be suspended for a period of not less than 1 season and is subject to review by CAL for readmission after that point. If a player is caught cheating in a CAL match, their team shall forfeit the game, and the team will be suspended from league play until that member has been removed from the team. Any matches played with that player up to that point should have the losses overturned. If a member is caught cheating outside of a CAL match, the suspension shall be enforced on the player with matches will not necessarily be overturned. The computer system that you that you play from is not the responsibility of the Cyberathlete Amateur League. You are responsible for the system that you play from. If you allow others to use your computer(s) or you borrow/rent systems to play from, you need to ensure that they are cheat free prior to playing. It is impossible to trust a player who has been caught cheating on a pub to withstand the temptation to cheat when a title or prize is up for grabs. CAL will not conduct witch hunts to try and find cheat violations against players. If a team is scheduled to play a team with members on blacklists or watch sites, this should be reported to CAL a minimum of 5 days in advance so that an investigation may be conducted. Failure to request the investigation in advance will mean that the suspected individual will be allowed to play in the match.

Individuals caught posting private conversations, logs or emails in public sites/forums or sharing the confidential information will be subject to individual penalties. Teams who post private conversations or matters on their sites will face repercussions also. Logs and emails are not considered proof by themselves as they can be easily or altered or forged. Confidential or private matters should be respected and logs from third parties should not be considered proof of any action or intention on their own.

Any accusations made in a public forum or other public media will result in a suspension against the team or individuals making the accusation. All disputes or accusation must be sent to CAL admins in a private manner.

2.70 Conduct

Registrant agrees not to maliciously disparage, discredit, slander, libel, or defame the CPL or CAL, CPL or CAL staff, CPL event or CAL divisions, CPL or CAL Sponsors, in any public forum, or format, including but not limited to, websites, IRC, Usenet/Web discussion systems, chat programs, magazines, newsletters, newspapers, radio, videos, documentaries, television, etc. If the Registrant fails to abide by this requirement, Registrant may be disqualified from the CPL event, forfeit prizes, be barred from future competitions including all divisions within CAL, and/or be subject to appropriate civil penalties.

3.00 Match Information

3.10 Scheduling

3.10a Season Scheduling: The first 5 weeks will be inside your own division, weeks 6 and 7 will be interdivisional against teams in different divisions inside you own conference. Week 8 is a positional round. All 8 weeks will be played inside your conference barring all conferences have an even number of teams. This schedule may be affected by teams dropping/joining late in the season or divisions being uneven.

* Season scheduling is dependant upon the number of teams in each division/conference.

3.10b Default Match Scheduling: The default game time is 7:30 pm in each Conference's time zone. Each team is required to contact their opponent at least one day prior to the default match night by 11pm to set-up and agree on match times and server information. If contact has not been made, then the team who has not attempted to contact the opposition is subject to suspension. If a different time is agreed upon then that is your new default time and NO further rescheduling is allowed unless approved by both teams with proof beyond logs in case of dispute. Game results must be turned in no later than 11:30 PM in your team’s time zone. If a game is scheduled prior to the default game time then results MUST be turned in within 12 hours of game completion. *

Further rescheduling: None.

*If there is a dispute then an official must be notified immediately by e-mail or you can find us in the #cal-support irc channel on

If the game was scheduled prior to the default time and a team fails to attend, the situation must be reported immediately.

3.20 Players

5 on 5 play is mandatory, if one of the two teams do not have the required 5 players within the allowed match time that team shall immediately forfeit the match. No 4 versus 5 play is allowed unless the match has already started and a player has dropped.

3.30 Voice Communication

The use of the in-game voice communication software is the preferred form of voice communication. Ventrilo and other outside voice communication are also permitted.

3.40 Substitutions

As in all sports, substitutes are allowed. Furthermore, substitutions may be made at any time during the game. In the case of a substitution, the member that is being subbed OUT must leave the game PRIOR to when the member subbing IN arrives into the game. This prevents unbalanced teams during a substitution. Substitutes must be on the roster unless the other team agrees to let them play.

3.50 Pausing Match: No pausing is allowed under any circumstances unless a CAL admin is present and requests the pause.

3.60 Calling the Match: No match should end prior to the completion of all 24 rounds. If a team leaves the server prior to the completion of 24 rounds of play, the team that remains in the server will be awarded all remaining rounds as wins.

3.70 In-Game Techniques

3.70a Bomb Planting: It is legal to plant in hidden areas or in areas not normally reached through the use of boosting or jumping outside of the normal bomb zone as long as it is possible to defuse the bomb through normal means, including the use of boosting of a player to reach the bomb. If a bomb has been boost planted and the opposing team is unable to reach it due to a lack of players to reach the bomb, then it is still a legal plant. Silent planting is not allowed. Any team caught silent planting the bomb, whether purposefully or accidentally, will forfeit the remaining rounds that half.

3.70b Boosting: Player boosting is legal with any number of players. Any area that can be reached on the map is considered a valid position as long as the position is not used to exploit the map by seeing into areas that are not intended. An example is being boosted in Aztec and looking through or over the wall to see where the opposing team is coming from.

3.70c Map Exploits: Any team taking advantage of any map exploits, whether new or known, will result in the forfeit for that match. Places like ledges that are accessible through boosting are valid, unless the location results in clipping or looking "over" the map. Multiple infractions of this rule will result in your team being suspended or removed from the league. This includes, but is not limited to the floating box in Nuke, the ledge bug in dust2, or the flash exploit in dust2 or cbble. However, such actions as throwing flashes over walls, as done in inferno and dust2 are perfectly legal. CAL will have the final decision on whether something is an exploit.

3.80 Playoffs

Playoff information will be posted once playoff time nears. This will include information such as number of teams advancing, criteria for advancing, tie breaker determinations, etc. Playoff rules are subject to change and will be posted on the news page.

Playoff matches will be required to be played at the times scheduled. If a team is unable to play at the scheduled time, a forfeit will be issued. No reschedules will be allowed.

4.00 Teams

4.10 Rosters

4.10a Roster Changes: All roster changes must be done on the set days for each division. CAL will not unlock the rosters for any reason. If you accidentally leave the team, it is your responsibility to rejoin the team when the rosters open. Do not ask CAL to re-add you. Checking rosters are the responsibility of both teams and not the admins or game referees. Any roster disputes should be addressed within one hour of the match commencing.

All players are required to use their surnames as seen on the roster for official matches.

4.10b Roster Lock: After completion of 6th week of play team rosters and SteamID changes will be locked. This will prevent players on losing teams from jumping to teams that are sure to make the playoffs. Checking IPs or SteamIds will be used to enforce this rule.

4.10c Ringers/Team Jumpers: Team hopping will not be tolerated. If a team hopper/ringer is suspected, notify CAL officials immediately. Penalties may include suspensions, forfeits or removal from the league. No player is allowed to be on two CAL team rosters at the same time. Please note, THIS IS ONLY INCLUDING CAL. We do not look at other league rosters or websites for verification of rosters. This includes the leagues for the division that you are in, i.e. you can only compete and be listed in ONE (1) of the following leagues: CS-Invite, CS-Premier, CS-Main, CS-Intermediate, CS-Open.

4.20 Team Names

4.20a Unacceptable Team Names: Team names including, but not limited to, the following will not be tolerated: profanity, hateful to any race, sex, or religious group, condone drug use, or general vulgarity. Teams found to have an offensive name will have 1 of 2 things done either placed inactive until the name is changed, or have CAL select an appropriate name for them.

4.20b Team Name Changes: If a team decides at some point during the season to change their name they must post for a team name change in the forums, the league will change them as they get to them. Realize that this may take some time so please pick a name you really like. Teams are allowed only one team name change per season as often team name changes coincide with large roster changes.

4.30 Forfeits

Any team winning by forfeit shall receive 16 round wins. Use the given forfeit button to report a forfeit.

5.00 Servers

5.10 Anti-Cheat

The Valve/Steam in-game anti-cheat (VAC) is required in all matches. Anti-cheat software such as Hlguard, CSGuard or Cheating Death may used if both teams agree to the use, however, CAL does not require it to be ran. If both teams agree to using servers with this software, it MUST be set to alert only, and not ban any player. If a player is kicked or banned from a server during a match, the hosting team may be punished for this by a forfeit of either the half, or the whole match at the discretion of CAL. This will be the responsibility of the team that hosts the server. CAL TAKES NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY TEAM USING ANTI-CHEAT SOFTWARE OTHER THAN VALVE'S ANTI-CHEAT. Due to the buggy nature of some of the configurations of the software, teams using this must keep their software current. Alerts from the software is NOT an indication of a definite cheat. In the case of a member being "caught" by this software, the person should submit their demos and evidence to an admin. This information will be reviewed in order to determine if this was a valid detection. Third party anti-cheat software must be ran in league mode if available.

5.20 Server Usage

Teams may utilize their own dedicated (non listen) server as long as it falls within the ping rules. In the event that a Non-CAL provided server is used, please note that ANY and ALL issues arising from server problems will be the sole responsibility of the hosting team. This includes, but is not limited to issues such as incorrect passwords, server reboots, and non players joining the server. These rules are in effect due to the hosting team being the one responsible for the configuration and being the only team with access to privileged commands like rebooting. Please take these into consideration before playing on a Non-CAL server shared by multiple teams. . If a team doesn’t have a server for a match they may reserve one through the league and should be reserved in IRC a maximum of ONE hour prior to their match. To reserve a match server, come to the IRC channel #cal-support on gamesurge.

5.30 Server Assignments

HOME Team must be the attacking team (terror on de, CT on cs) the first half. The HOME team will play on their server first half if they have a server, or if they decided to reserve a server from the league for their half. The second half will be played on the AWAY team’s server if that team chooses so. If both teams agree to play on 1 server for both halves that is fine. Overtime if it occurs will be played on each team’s server for 1 half of the overtime or it can be played on 1 server if agreed upon. HOME team again will be the attacking team in the event of overtime.

5.40 Mandatory CAL Server Configuration

The server configuration is subject to change as new information is provided to the league. The current server configuration will always be posted on the files page. Teams are responsible for checking these on a regular basis and ensuring that the server settings comply.

Both teams should check the server's settings to verify that they are correct. If no objections are made prior to play commencing, no team may challenge the settings during or after play. If an objection is made prior to the match commencing and the server settings do not match those required by the league, the settings must be fixed prior to the game. Failure to match the league server settings will result in the server team's forfeit. An initial objection will suffice as notice that settings are incorrect and may be given as evidence post game that corrections were not made and will result in a forfeit.

Any changes to server settings in game, with the exception of sv_restartround (sv_restart), and mp_maxrounds are punishable by the host team's forfeit for that half of match play.

Spectator settings may only be changed if a CAL admin is present or CAL has given permission for the match to be broadcast.

5.50 Ping Imbalance

Although both teams agreeing on any server can bypass this rule, the ping rule can be and should be used if it is desired by at least one of the competing teams.

The difference between each team's average pings to the agreed server can be no greater than 55 ms. Pings must be confirmed in game, not through pinging tools such as GameSpy.

Loss and choke will in no way be an acceptable reason not to play in a server. Ping will be the only determining factor.

If the difference between the average team pings is less than 55 milliseconds, the server is acceptable for play. If only one of the agreed on servers is acceptable under the ping rule, that server must be played on for both halves. If both servers are unacceptable by the rule, either 1) a new server must be found, or 2) the game will take place by default on a CAL designated server as chosen by an admin.

*Individuals playing on dial-up connections waive their right to the ping imbalance rule.

*When one team deems a server to be unplayable that team must use the same 5 players that were pinging the server in question if you choose an alternate server.

5.60 Server Crashes

If a server crashes before 4 rounds have been completed, the server must be restarted and the game's score is reset to 0-0. If the server crashes after the 4th round has completed, the game must be restarted and played with the same score. Furthermore, the maxrounds of the half is changed to equal the remaining rounds left at the point of the server crash.

In the event of a third crash, the game must be cancelled and team captains report to the CAL CS IRC channel (gamesurge #cal-support). An admin may assign a CAL server and have the match restarted or allow additional time for the match to be played.

5.70 HLTV

HLTV may be utilized if both teams agree to its use in advance. CAL will also select some matches for broadcast on HLTV as matches of the week. If your team is scheduled to be on HLTV for that week, you should send all server information, match times, and server reservations in advance so it can be arranged and posted.

If you decide to use private HLTV, the delay must be set to 180 seconds.

5.80 IRC Score Bot

IRC bots may be ran as long as both teams agree to their use. The bot is not allowed to broadcast any messagemode information.

If either HLTV or an IRC Scorebot is used without consent from the other team, the team who used it will be suspended for 1 match.

5.90 Game Time

Teams should ensure that they are in the server on time and ready to begin. Teams have 15 minutes after the agreed upon (or default) time to join the server. After 15 minutes have passed, both teams must have 5 members each in the server. A team failing to comply results in a forfeit and ultimately, loss. This is not an optional rule, and will be strictly enforced. Scheduled matches are in place to allow individuals a chance to schedule other activities around their game time. Forcing a team to wait for player is disrespectful and unsportsmanlike. Teams that consistently wait until the final minute to join servers may be penalized with a loss of points or suspension.

**One Deadround is required before each half begins. During Deadround when players are joining you are not allowed to touch hostages, shoot weapons etc. You must stay at your spawn point. Get on the correct teams, if anyone is killed during this time you must restart the server (rcon sv_restart 5). If the same player continues killing of either team that player must be kicked and should be replaced. If this continues then the offending team may be forced to forfeit the game.

5.100 Player Drops

CAL is not responsible for players who experience connectivity problems. Teams should have back-up players ready to join if a player gets disconnected or lags out. If a player lags out in the first minute of play, the match is restarted.

5.110 Screenshot Round

Prior to the official match starting, the screenshot rules should be observed. It is also recommended to use the screenshot round to ensure all players have the correct SteamID. During this time, team leaders should take a status screenshot and verify SteamIDs of opponents. Any false SteamIDs should be reported at this time and cannot be disputed after the match unless a substitute has come in. Once the match begins, this constitutes acceptance of your opponents roster and match play will commence. If a team has been notified that someone is using a false SteamID, that player must be replaced for that match and cannot compete until the SteamID has been corrected. Multiple infractions of false SteamIDs may result in teams being suspended.

5.120 Half-Time

After finishing the first half of the game, teams are allowed an optional 10-minute break. Team leaders should exchange information regarding the second half (server ip and pw, etc.) Ideally server information for the second half should be known in advance to the games commencing. The half time gives an opportunity to finalize server information in case of changes. If a team fails to show up in the agreed upon server or fails to have 5 members in the agreed upon server after the ten minute break the team with 5 members may report the 12 rounds for that half as theirs.

5.130 Post Game

After completion of the game, the winning team must complete the form on the REPORT WIN page within 24 hours of the match completion. Ideally you should REPORT the match immediately upon completion but it is understood the leader doesn’t always play and isn’t always on.

5.140 Ties

In the incident of a tie, two 3-round halves (overtime) will be played. If the score is still tied after overtime, each team is awarded 1 point in the standings. A second overtime will not be permitted and any notice of such action will result in a score change to reflect only a singular overtime.

If overtime is scheduled beyond the allotted scheduling time, a team may ask a CAL Coordinator to reschedule the overtime. If under extreme circumstances, a CAL official may allow a tie game.

6.00 Game Admins

Game Admins (referees) are available to watch over your scheduled game. If you wish to have an admin present for your match you must submit your request a minimum of 48 hours prior to your scheduled game. The league will do its best to get Admins into your games.

7.00 Violations

7.10 Disputes

Disputes are a serious issue and will not be taken lightly.

7.10a Dispute Process: In the case of a dispute, team leaders or designated match leaders must submit a help desk ticket. Any member who is not a designated leader is not allowed to report a dispute. Disputes are not a public matter and should only be handled by an Admin. Posting disputes on public forums can lead to suspension.

1) A formal dispute must be filed within 24 hours of the match being reported. After the match has been reported, the leader or scheduler must login to the CAL site and click Report Match. Next to the reported match that you wish to dispute, click File Dispute. Please read the instructions and fill out all the fields that are listed.

2) Submit violation and explain in detail. If you suspect a player of cheating, be prepared to list exactly where you think this occurred in the match and have evidence. All evidence and information must be turned over at the same time. Once a dispute has been filed, you may not bring additional disputes or information up in the future. Teams that choose to dispute must be prepared to give their demos to admins as well before the dispute process continues. You must be prepared to turn over evidence that would substantiate your accusation. If you do not have specifics or do not have evidence, your dispute will be thrown out. The admin you file the dispute with will give you specific information on turning over evidence. They may have you utilize email, upload to your website, CAL / dathorn ftp or DCC in IRC.

3) The objecting team must contain PROOF in form of game logs, demos, screenshots or any other form contained in an email to a CAL official. Demos and screenshots should be made available immediately. Teams are requested to limit the files they send to admins to only the required evidence that shows the items in dispute. If you suspect cheating during a match, be sure and take a screen shot showing all players Won ids and ip addresses.

4) If necessary, a CAL admin will request the demos, screen shots or server logs from the opposing team. This can take up to 4 weeks. The opposing team will have 24 hours from the initial request to provide the requested items or risk forfeit or other disciplinary action.

5) All evidence will be reviewed by admins and a ruling issued. In the case of Cheating Disputes, all demos will be reviewed by multiple admins. In some instances, the CAL Rules Council may be consulted to either help with evidence review or to discuss penalties. The CAL Rules Council will make the final decision.

7.10b General Dispute Information

Teams should keep back-ups of their screen shots, demos and all logs for a minimum of four weeks.

If there is no proof, there is no claim. If proof is sufficient, the player or team could be purged. Any losses by the claimee to the cheating team will be changed to wins.

If a team continues to make false claims against other teams, the disruption may be viewed as grounds for team suspension. Teams crying wolf regarding cheating repetitively will also be purged.

If teams are caught saying that they are relying on disputes to win their matches, teams may be suspended, removed or have disputes invalidated.

For example, if during the course of reviewing demos, a team member says not to worry, that if we lose, we will just appeal based on their cvar violations. In this instance, a double forfeit will be issued with no team coming out as the winner.

7.20 Evidence Requests

If a dispute has been filed, Admins will make a request for a variety of evidence; this includes screenshots, demos, server logs. Teams will have a maximum of 24 hours to present the requested evidence in the case of logs. Screenshots and demos should be made available immediately, but an extension up to the 24-hour window may be granted in extreme cases. Failure to present the requested evidence within the required time may result in overturned matches, forfeits or other disciplinary actions.

7.30 Client Requests

If demos or screenshots are requested, they should be made available immediately. Screenshots must be converted to jpg or gif format prior to zipping and sending to an admin. Demos should be zipped prior to sending them.

7.40 Rule Violations

Teams who violate any rules may be subject to disciplinary action. This includes the specific penalties listed or suspensions, forfeits, replays, removal from the league, and lost off points. The league may change penalties as it sees fit.

In the event a team breaks the MM1 rule and degrades, verbally attacks or threatens an opponent the team that player will suspended until further notice. A second infraction will cost that team a 1-week suspension and a multitude of suspensions. The league will not tolerate such behavior.

Disruptive teams will be purged from the league. Any team that is repeatedly disruptive in the form of untolerated language, pointless spamming, server crashing, etc. will be removed from this league.

7.50 Grounds for Team Suspensions/Explusion

Failure to play a game (or a chosen forfeit) for two consecutive weeks
Violation of Rules
Violation of Conduct

8.00 Changes

The Cyberathlete Amateur League reserves the right to modify the rules as needed. This includes changes due to software updates or releases, competition committee decisions and all other changes deemed necessary to the league. Teams should check the rules on a regular basis and prior to every match to ensure they are in complete compliance. Teams must understand that the rules listed are guidelines that CAL will use to try and ensure fair and competitive play and are subject to interpretation by the CAL admins based on the spirit of the rule and game.

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